Arijit Singh Live MTV Unplugged

Arijit Singh Live MTV Unplugged

Client: TM and MTV Unplugged

Location: Mumbai, India

Tasks: Posters & Social Media Promotions

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The Challenge was to create promotional posters and social media banners for Arijit Singh's MTV telecast.

Arijit Singh, one of the phenomenal new voices of Bollywood was playing at MTV Unplugged. A singer with an edgy voice and a stage with no electronics, it was the best of both worlds. To do this we had to come up with a multi-directional firecracker. It not only needed to look good when it burst, but also look one integrated show. It was fun.

So we chose to do the MTV unplugged elements in monochrome. The B&W contrast gave it a crisp look but also organic to keep the non electronic feel. Arijit on that stage had to look made for it hence he has the same contrast. Then we did the elements on top to bring in the edginess of his voice and added the colourful hues of Bollywood.

There, a firecracker in the night sky.

Digital Promotional Poster

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